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Danish startup pushing the limits of robotics with automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence

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Helping people

Transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and safer life

Helping Animals

Reduce their suffering by using smart technologies

Helping the planet

Fighting environmental issues with creative application of robotics

What we do best

We create solutions

We design, research and develop robotic solutions for any sector with innovation in mind. We are great at solving problems and are open to new challenges in your industry.

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Scanning temperature with NoFever

Our products


Protect your business, colleagues and visitors with a modern approach to health and safety.
Equipped with robotics and AI, #NoFever keeps you safe while respecting your right to privacy.

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Are you looking to optimize your production or already have an idea about a robotic solution, reach out to Really a Robot and we will help with all the steps along the way. 

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