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Danish startup pushing the limits of robotics with automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

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At Really A Robot we create our own solutions and use that experience to give you access to our exclusive technology with groundbreaking results.

Really A Robots specialized in both software and hardware solutions, and our broad skillset covers many needs in AI, computer-vision, robotics design and much more.

Our previous in-house solutions tackles issues in health, everyday living, animal welfare and climate, and this experience might very well translate to you next project.

With collaborations we guide companies and take on creative projects with great impact while applying our exclusive technology to ramp up quality and efficiency.

Do you have an interesting idea, project, or just need help? – let’s talk!

Hugo and Eugene using a UR5

Our Creations

Product Portfolio

Our creations

Product Portfolio


Explore the future of production

Upgrading industrial production with automation software. Check out this project, where we explore the possibilities with robotic arms.

Protect your staff

Automated temperature scanning

Contactless temperature checks for employees, visitors and customers. It keeps you and your team virus-free while respecting your privacy.


EU Digital COVID certificate scanning​

Reduce the manual work by installing one of our robots in your workplace, school, or anywhere where you need to check for Covid-19 certificates.


Robot spider for S&R operations

Armed with AI and computer-vision our hexapod excels at assisting in search and rescue missions in collapsed buildings after disasters.

Our standard

Why choose our solutions?

Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark

Designed and assembled in Denmark with the highest standards in mind

Patent-Pending Technology

patent Pending

Really a Robot is proud to announce that our technology is Patent Pending!

GDPR - Safe

GDPR Compliant

Your anonymity is our priority therefore we do not store any personal data

Really a Robot

Creating innovative robotic solutions

Danish startup pushing the limits of robotics with automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.  Founded in 2020 by passionate engineers with a mission to help people, animals and the environment

The team working at the office in GrowAAL Aalborg

Great fit for any case

Universal protection against Covid-19

Public places

For concert halls, business centers or anywhere where many people gather

Office buildings

For larger offices where people work together and have clients visiting often


For  institutions where it’s a requirement to show valid coronapas

Your Case

You choose where to place coronapas scanner that suits your situation best

We are in the news

Media and articles

Tv2 Nord
TV Coverage

Stronger with patent

Companies fight to get funding for patent applications. TV2 visited Really A Robot, for a talk the 5th of april, 2022.

See the coverage
Andreas Checking Coronapas at a Coronapas Scanner
Coronapas Scanner

First in Denmark

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, is the first in denmark to use the coronapas scanner. EB Rapporting.

Read the story
Coronapas scanner article image
Coronapas Scanner

An easier corona-life

Entrepreneurs wants to make your life easier under corona. A new Aalborg-firm bets on technology to solve problems. Aalborg:nu 17th, dec 2021.

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DR P4 Interview

Click on the audio player below to listen to the radio interview about the coronapas scanner.

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