Really A Robot

Here to make a difference

Combining the passion for robotics and sustainability to create a better future for all

Our story

How Really a Robot started

Really a Robot was founded in 2020 with the mission to leave a positive footprint using robotics. Since the company was founded in the middle of a pandemic we naturally ended up making a robot that decreases the spread of infections as our first project.

Our recent funding from InnoFounder and continued support from collaborators and advisors make us ready to change the way we prevent spread of infections in Denmark and even the whole Europe.
Illustration of a robot holding a plant.


Helping humanity make the transition towards a more ethical and sustainable future through high-tech solutions


Create a world where robotics can save lives and save the planet


We are passionate about technology

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This is who we are

Meet the team

Chief Executive Officer Jevgenijs Galaktionovs

Chief Executive Officer

Jevgenijs Galaktionovs

As acting CEO of Really a Robot i give direction and structure to the team.

I am driven by my motivation to contribute to the world with innovative robotics and strive for making great impacts with Really a Robot.

Chief Technology Officer Hugo Markoff

Chief technology Officer

Hugo Markoff

I love combining software with hardware, it gives life to robots and machines. I always stay up to date on the latest tech trends so I can come up with new creative ideas.

Chief Experience Officer Andreas Hoffmann

Chief EXPERIENCE Officer

Andreas Hoffmann

I am passionate about creative and innovative solutions that can make a difference in people’s lives.
I dream that Really a Robot can set new ethical standards for tech companies in the world.


Chief Executive Officer

Jevgenijs Galaktionovs


Chief technology Officer

Hugo Markoff


Field researcher

Nikolaj Kristiansen


Robotics intern

Dinar Jadhav



Johnni Nielsen


Business Advisor

Boye Hartmann

Contributing with technology

Here at Really a Robot, we believe that technology can and will save the world. Our goal is to contribute with our expertise in robotics to ensure a better future for everyone around the globe and tackle climate change. We do that by building robots in the most creative way possible and leaving a positive footprint to benefit the world.

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Invest in many ways

How can you contribute to
Really A Robot?

We are actively looking for passionate people with an interest in solving problems to create a better tomorrow.  If you hold the same values there are many ways how you could invest – your money, time or partnerships.

Give us a call or write to us and let’s work together for creating robots that save lives!

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Support us financially and invest in a future where robots save the world

Invest ideas illustration

Time & Ideas

Bring your skills to our team and contribute your ideas for the next project

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Partner with us on a project or showcase our products in your store or business

Customers and Partners

Do you have a great idea?

Let's build it together!

Are you looking to optimize your production or already have an idea about a robotic solution, reach out to Really a Robot and we will help with all the steps along the way.