Automated Covid certificate Scanning

Coronapas Scanner

Reduce queue times for visitors and decrease your employee work load on routinic checks with
Coronapas Scanner by Really A Robot.

Comply with covid guidelines

Automated digital Covid-19 QR code check

Comply with Covid-19 restrictions and replace manual certificate checks with an automated solution. Save time, money and don’t compromise on your employee and visitor safety. Developed in Denmark.

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Easy to use

Visual and sound cues on the screen that guides user 


Check for corona pas validity in less than 10 seconds

Plug aNd play

No installation time or setting up. Jut plug it in and use it


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How exactly does it work?

Fast Coronapas scanning

1. Get in front of the device.

2. Match the QR-Code from your Digital COVID Certificate with the red box on the screen.

3. You get a clear and easy to understand result.

A sound is played, indicating which result a user has been given.
This makes it easier for employees to check multiple certificates at once or even at large distances.

Coronapas Scanner waiting for QR-code
Coronapas Scanner QR-Code in frame
Coronapas Scanner Valid pass screen

Where have i seen this?

Aalborg Congress & Culture Center

You can already see the coronapas scanner in a few places around Aalborg. If you are interested in acquiring one get in touch with us.

It was also in the Radio!

P4 Nordjylland Interview

Optimize scanning of COVID-19 certificates

European Corona certificate scanning

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Invoiced each month
DKK 4 999 /per month


Invoiced every 3 months
DKK 4 299 /per month
  • Save 700DKK /mo


Invoiced every 6 months
DKK 3 499 /per month

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Coronapas Scanner

Coronapas scanner white

Coronapas Scanner

Coronapas scanner white

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for every option!

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