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Testing #NoFever at PostNord

Jevgenijs testing old #NoFever device

🤞 This week we are at PostNord, testing performance of #NoFever and polishing it for a release. With this device, employees can quickly check themselves for an elevated temperature and check if they are wearing a mask! 🖕 Soon we will join the common fight against this nasty virus. Posing Turtleneck Jevgenijs Galaktionovs as a bonus! 🐢

UCN Matchmaking

Blog post of behind the scenes at Really a Robot

Today, our CEO Jevgenijs Galaktionovs is participating in MatchMaking at Professionshøjskolen UCN. To search for student workers and interns that will help us in our app development for #NoFever. It is super strange to be in a virtual fair, but we are doing alright! 🤖

First design of #NoFever

We are super exited to share some initial designs of NoFever, with the help of Ergonomic Solutions. Special thanks to Liselotte Husted and Morten Winston Bligaard for the cooperation and good work. 🛸”Will it fly?”🛸 No, but it can automatically adjust height from 1.2 to 2.2 meters to match the height of a person standing in front of it. 🌡️”Will […]

Really A Robot x Ergonomic Solutions

👉 Today Really A Robot had a fruitful meeting at Ergonomic Solutions. They will design and produce top and bottom compartments for electronics in our #NoFever solution.  🌡 Contactless temperature measurement with automation and artificial intelligence is coming soon, in October! 🦾 We are confident that from our wild ideas and their practical expertise, the result will topple any expectations! […]

Wear face masks correctly with a help of AI!

AI Mask incorrect detection

Are you traveling by bus, train, taxis, airplane, #GoMore, or ferry? By midnight there is a requirement for passengers to wear face masks while traveling with public transport and carpooling. Not obeying the requirements can result in a fine! Read more about it from DR – Danmarks Radio article here: However, wearing masks correctly is a great challenge […]

Semester conference Aalborg University

Hugo Markoff explaining how the autonomous stair climbing algorithm works at the Aalborg University Semester Conference

As a part of our bachelor project, we developed an adaptable and autonomous stair climbing algorithm for Definitely Not A Spider. The concept is for the vision system mounted on the robot to extract the stair step dimensions (Height, Depth) and use these parameters in the algorithm we developed to accommodate for the different sizes […]