External consulting Migatronic A/S

Innovative CoWelder Software

Really A Robot has worked as an external consulting partner, helping Migatronic Automation A/S in establishing their innovative CoWelder Software department and developing cutting-edge software features.

Touch Sensing for CoWelders welding

Touch sensing in robotic welding relies on sensors to detect contact between the welding tool and the workpiece, ensuring precise positioning and weld quality in automated industrial settings. It enhances automation while maintaining and ensuring weld integrity.

Industry leaders in welding industry

With a remarkable legacy spanning over half a century, Migatronic has firmly established itself as a heavyweight in the welding industry.

Migatronic is renowned for their superior welding equipment and recognized as one of Europe’s most skilled automation integrators in the welding industry.

As Denmark’s leading provider of Universal Robot manipulators through their CoWelder solution, Migatronic is at the forefront of welding technology and innovations.

Really a Robot contribution

Development and establishing organizational structures

URCaps for CoWelder Robots

Developed URCaps (Universal Robot Caps) for Migatronic's CoWelder robots, enhancing their functionality and versatility.

Advanced Software Features

Developing set of cutting-edge software features to support touch sensing welding robots.

Foundational Development

Establishment of foundational development and software structure for the new Migatronic's software department to support further innovation

Software Testing

Really a Robot conducted rigorous testing to ensure that every software feature met the highest standards and ensure quality and reliability

Real world applications

Touch sensing for CoWelding​

From shipbuilding to automotive manufacturing, our touch sensing solutions are the cornerstone for a range of applications. 

This video demonstrates our contribution and touch sensing for CoWelding robot in action.

Migatronic Automation A/S

"Really A Robot team was a part of starting up our new CoWelder SW department at Migatronic and helped us develop new URCaps for our CoWelder robots. They were easy to work with and very flexible in planning."

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